Sunday, 28 April 2013

trip the poem fantastic...

the ignition works just fine
on good days

the occasional tune up
costs a bit
so I save up
and psych up
for the necessary
to keep the motor

usually a routine for the holidays

the clean
the shine and polish
are left to the rain
and the sunshine
with varying degrees of success

there are a few damaged bits
courtesy of certain distances
and certain places
I didn't really want to go

but still
they hang together
and look kinda close
to what they once were

the day when I can 
the wheels 
is on my bucket list 

 but I think there's a hole in my bucket 

Photo is of micro community art on a garden wall outside the Kingston Arts Centre at Moorabbin, an inner suburb of Melbourne

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Claudia said...

ha..nice word play with the re-tire.. also the metaphor works well...certain places you don't want to go but how things hang together..nice...and cool artwork as well

Anonymous said...

Super charming. That hole in the bucket fits the little dings - and yet it all hangs together. Lovely ambience here-- I especially like that the dents come from places you didn't want to go to anyway. Can relate to that! k.

Brian Miller said...

ah i think there is no bottom to the bucket i carry...ha...i feel no closer than when...but maybe one day i can and enjoy a few trips before the bucket is kicked...smiles..

Björn said...

Cars are so costly, but still a freedom and a feeling of going anyplace. Great write...

hedgewitch said...

Got a smile out of me with that final line Gemma, and I love the details all through which set up the mood.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

I used to sing that song of the last line to my son as a lullaby !

kkkkaty said...

You write these metaphorical poems with such ease...bucket lists of another kind ;)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

This scenario seems vaguely familiar, lol

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