Friday, 5 April 2013

O Pandora!

At first glance,
there seems to be nothing specially extraordinary about this view of a window with a sign

but this is one of many tall windows
round a large locked
empty room
in the old, colonial quarantine area
(fraught with many a tragic story)
at Point Nepean
on the far southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula

Red Hill Roast Coffee
seems like a rude temptation
that simply
can't happen
in the here and now
when you need it

Order online 
you can email at 
and we will deliver or send out

a sign of the times

reality mugged
and drugged
submitting to
 virtual worlds

fool's paradise

no sign of Pandora

no choice
but to

reel back
our empty room
our tragic tall windows
our quarantine

our coffee
to perfection

o Pandora

Real apologies to the Red Hill Roast Coffee company
This is just a bit of circumstantial fun!
(And the photo was taken on 22nd January 2012.
This really is a quarantine area from our colonial days.
Parts are now open for the public to wander, including the 2 storey hospital and the disinfecting area.
What this building and this room really are I don't know.
It's all locked up.
And just the sign appears outside!
Things could be different now!)

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Brian Miller said...

i def dont mind my coffee...and if under quarantine, would def not mind some coffee...but if it was historically a quarantined house, it seems an odd place to set up a coffee shop or eatery...a bad omen, maybe

hedgewitch said...

'reality mugged and drugged' and doesn't it need it! Enjoyed this much.

Victoria said...

The photo lends itself to poetry and the circumstance to irony and you've written a wonderful response to both of them.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, a bit cynical. How empty is the coffee culture? Personally, visiting tea shops and coffee shops around the world, such places of meetings and conversation are some of my favorite. But you are right -- it all depends on the packaging -- which can be very empty.

Grace said...

I like the ironic twist ~ But in the internet world, one really can't tell if its quarantine or an odd and rustic place ~

Anonymous said...

nice photo - and a nice poem to go with it. Coffee advertised, but unavailable due to lack of ... coffee, water, staff, etc

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Yikes and double yikes! Even if they only use that room for processing orders, it's still the worst karma in the world to do it in a former quarantine site. There's something so... yes, ironic about it. Perfect photo and thoughts for the prompt, and I'd probably order their coffee, providing it was fair-trade! Thanks, Amy

Anonymous said...

A very cool observation of a sign's juxtaposition with its surroundings.

Anonymous said...

enjoy our empty virtual room, virtual space

First Rose

Anonymous said...

Very cool =)

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