Sunday, 14 April 2013


hunk of ugliness

hunk of ugly


a shape shifter

at the bottom of my garden
my private garden

my garden
where my seasons hopefully attract life

where I try to balance
my sunshine
and rain

where I try to keep 
smoke and mirrors 
at bay

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Brian Miller said...

mm nice...i like the trying to keep mirrors at bay...and how that plays with seeing monsters in your garden...but also with the hoping to attract life...really interesting write...nice..

Anonymous said...

So,e times something is so ugly it kind of has its own perverse beauty to it...maybe this hunk has its own silent quality?

Claudia said...

trying to keep the mirrors at bay...the garden where the seasons attract life...nice...and really an interesting direction where you took this

Rambly T said...

Gemma I really enjoyed this, the disturbing chameleon
a shape shifter, what indeed does his 'ugliness' say to the new life that enters...or perhaps they are use to him :-)

Rambly T said...

Gemma I did like this - the shape shifter the ugliness of the rock that would detract new life..or perhaps they are use to it.. and from the Beatles song 'let it be'.

Anonymous said...

Aw ... monsters ... mirrors ... bleak and effective ...

Anonymous said...

This is really cool... a dark disturbance in your private place of solitude... interesting take on the prompt for sure...and great drawing too!

Panchali said...

Oh, this ugly monster can be such an eyesore. But, love the way you trying to keep mirrors at bay---absorbing read! Beautifully penned, Gemma.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I sense there is more to this story than meets the eye. A very interesting write!

kkkkaty said...

I like the cadence here and why do I suspect you might have pests or monsters in the form of nasty slugs?

Linda Rogers said...

What a creative way to use the prompt. I can relate as my garden is my labor of love and can have some nasty intruders.

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