Sunday, 28 July 2013


 and protect
 mark, guide and run
 a wordless mission
 a vision of silence
 intent on being secure
 zoned for reliability
 just like the face before me right now
 that has kept me close to his lines through time

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

a piece of starlight...



what if
we each carry a piece of starlight
from the first pyramid
like a shard that
blinds some 
enlightens others

what if
the reason why the Atlantis magic
stirs our waters
is that we star souls
are fragments
from Atlantis worlds

think Pangaea
think breaking up
think moving apart

what if
when someone mentions
crop circles
the Hopi prophecy
the Aztec calendar
Edgar Cayce's visions
we may scoff
laugh them off

but inside
there is a kind of
as if
we already know

until we visualise 
personalise answers
we cannot understand 
the shape 
the texture 
the tone of 
the questions


the sacred geometry we seek is
in our Zen garden
where our seeds slept
and awakened 

where our seeds sleep
and awaken

the record of our soul

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