2013 Thoughts on Peace

Monday 4th November 2013 - Blog4Peace
Peace post on Mornington Peninsula Daily

Peace is the weapon of mass construction.

Peace is the smile in the rain.

Peace nourishes the body and nurtures the soul.

Peace is the precious jewel shining in all seasons.

Peace is the quiet voice of happiness.

Peace is the rainbow blessing a soul garden.

Peace harmonises discord.

May peace always be the flavour of the month.

I want my world to look like the colours of peace.


Michelle @ Crow's Feet - UK - from her spirit guide.
Mimi Lennox - Willing a planet to peace and not pieces
Renny BA's Terella - Norway - Make blogs not wars
grapeling on his post Many - Michael - poem - the taste of peace is like gelato delights
Kerry O'Connor @ Skywriting - South Africa - if the song would be sung and the thirsty would drink.
Cate Reddell @ Infinite Sadness...or hope? - New Zealand - War/No More Trouble video below
Susie Clevenger @ Confessions of a Laundry Goddess - U.S.
- Peace will come when children are no longer fed from the breast of war.
Tinkerbell - Holland - The earth is our mother...Grant her peace 
- Millenial Gaia image by Oberon Zell
Sherry Blue Sky @ Stardreaming - Canada - poem of global healing energised by peace
Terica's Blogging For Peace - NC - the journey of peace can be via a colouring book
hedgewitch @ Verse Escape - U.S. - poem - where the tribe becomes one world
Grandmother (Mary) @ Journey into Elderhood (ancestor in training) - Italy
- poem... in the cave of every soul
Timoteo @ Catnip - Arizona, U.S. - extraordinary, poetic connections
between couscous, the butterfly effect and peace.

I so loved the rhythms of this video

More wonderful universal peace rhythms

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