Friday, 22 April 2016

an earth lament...

Earth Day 2016 - Google

my seas 
gave you horizons
but you gave me tears

I am the swan

my mountains 
gave you stars
but you gave me sneers

I am the swan on ice

my trees 
gave you shade
but you  gave me fears

I am the dying swan 

a sea of tears
sneering peaks and
broken trees

legacy of
nurturing years

I am the dying swan on thin ice

Poetry form: free verse

In line with the concept of dance embedded in this prompt,
my thoughts turned to Anna Pavlova and The Dying Swan dance created for her to perform in 1905.
There have been numerous adaptations of this dance including Swan Lake
and skate choreography...
With spotlights giving the ice the effect of water at night, Miss Henie, outlined in a blue light, performed the dance made immortal by Pavlova.
- The New York Times - 1936 on Sonja Henie's performance on ice.

Linking to:
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads - a dance rhythm for Earth Day


Gillena Cox said...

Written like an epithet. Such a sad mood. Definetly suited to a ballet

Thanks for your unique response Gemma

Much love...

brudberg said...

I must say we are not doing what we can for mother earth... the imagery of the dying swan is so stark

Hannah said...

Bitter sweet piece. I enjoy the small poem within the poem.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Love the closing lines..! Splendid write.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the way you interspersed each stanza with the failing swan. I can feel its (our) precarious position very clearly. Wonderfully done.

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is so effective with the lengthening refrain between the stanzas.

Ellecee said...

I agree, bittersweet, the swan and many other creatures suffering the same plight.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Sadly true

De said...

YES. Perfect. And so heartbreakingly true.

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