Saturday, 28 September 2013

missing rinkly rimes...

If you need something from somebody always give that person a way to hand it to you.
- The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd

for some strange reason
I thought of you today
and realised
I was missing you
on the meme waves

just a little Googling
and there was the post
a finale post

you began February with
your 82nd birthday

by the 11th February
your daughter posted
that you had suffered a stroke

by the end of February
your goodbye

but I could not let it be

your fancy free


your first poem
for the year
penned here

just yesterday
Friday 27th September
only yesterday

your theatrical 
witty gems
your spirit
breathed again


my veiled songlines

and made them smile
for the angels

the universe sings
in mysterious ways
and having sung
moves on

Now that a few people have commented on this poem,
I have returned to Brenda's post on Rinkly Report
and invited her to read this and your comments.
I hope she enjoys.

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Robert Bourne said...

hold close those that meant something...

Grace said...

I missed her blogging too ~ Funny how we make connections in the blogger world ~ Thanks for featuring her blog ~

Hannah said...

This is such a beautiful tribute...♥

Susie Clevenger said...

What a wonderful tribute. Her storytelling lives on in each who have read and will read her words. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for writing for the challenge.

Sumana Roy said...

The expression 'a final post' sketches a yearning and a sense of loss....a wonderful tribute......

Vandana Sharma said...

yearning for love....indeed can be painful but one has to move on.....

Panchali said...

A wonderful this!Thanks for sharing...

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sensitively put. She had slipped from my radar. Now completely. A tinge of guilt, a tinge of remorse.

Mary said...

Thank you so much for this tribute. I used to read her poetry often, and I had missed her too. I had not realized she suffered a stroke. Yes, we do make connections in the blogosphere, don't we? And perhaps we all wonder who would miss us if we disappeared forever out of sight. Your poem has made me think.

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Loved it. Completely awesome. I wish I had known her in the blogosphere at least if not IRL. Now to hunt up her blog and read her work, which looks divine.

Tammy said...

How moving. And how touching that you resurrected her.

Kerry O'Connor said...

The world of blogging brings us so close to so many people from around the world, and they do become important to us, friends even. Yet when people stop blogging for whatever reason, one can lose touch. This is such a special post for that very reason. You remind us to always reach out and maintain these fragile connections. I am so happy to know that Brenda is blogging again and I hope you share this post with her.

Marian said...


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Gemma, how kind and wonderful of you to post this tribute and to let us know what has happened. Bbrenda, you have added much to the blogosphere, and I thank you and wish you days of healing and recuperation. You can know you brought a smile to so many of us, so many times, with your cheerful poetry and your Rinkly Rhymes! All the best!

Brian Miller said...

i knew her through theme thursday the first meme that i ever played...def we make connections...i lost my first blogger friend to the great beyond about 2 years ago...and it was a hard time....before i started blogging i never would have thought that possible...

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

How touching, how difficult. A beautiful poem, a beautiful memory.

Debi Swim said...

How beautiful, Gemma, how touching. It is true that people I will probably never meet in person have touched my heart through their poems and writings. This is a lovely tribute to such a friendship.

Margaret said...

I don't like to think of her having a stroke as her wit, her vivaciousness, he creativity is something that awed so many. If she doesn't come back, this blog will bring joy. I have bookmarked this and need to come back and read it.

I wish you well, Brenda, a speedy recovery. I can only imagine how hard it is not to be able to be as creative as you would like! Your mind is a treasure.

Nissa Annakindt said...

A very worthy poem-tribute. It must be difficult to do. Thanks for sharing.

annell said...

It is true, we make friends, we never see, only read, and they become dear in ways never dreamed. Thanks for your post I will come again.

Myrna R. said...

I wasn't a regular, but I do remember Rinkly Rhimes. Thank you for posting this. It's so nice to know people who are so caring. My best to Brenda. Blessings.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Funny how we make connections over the ethernet--thank you for this!

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