Saturday, 5 October 2013

tales from ... gathering light

tales from outer suburbia

the outsider
soldier on the hill
the kite runner 

a leaf in the bitter wind 

cry freedom 

a gathering light 

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dVerse - Form for All: The Hidden Poetry in Books


Anonymous said...

At least in suburbia, everyone is no-one; in small towns you and your family are outsiders for several generations.

Nice work with your book spines ... smiles.

Brian Miller said...

ooo shaun tan is a fav of mine!!!!! i love that book and read it about every 6 months to be blend of titles...and i def cry freedom...smiles.

Semaphore said...

Ah, I am so glad you joined in, this is a perfect example for spine poetry. Isn't it amazing how titles from different books, actually unrelated, can be woven into a new, cohesive whole? Great job.

ninotaziz said...

Lovely Gemma!

Really unexpected titles to go together...

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