Sunday, 19 July 2015

my philosophy of why...

a convenient delta
mapped by 
rocky fads
knowledge driven rapids
peer pools and
social rivers

what is the source
what is beyond

why do the waters 
why do the seasons
change the waters

a young
barefoot child in 
the sandy heat
of Zinder
is so happy
to see 
the green
of a tiny plant

why can't we 

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X said...

I think because it is too simple,
we want big concepts and explanations
that give huge meaning to everything
when the simple confuses the most

Grace said...

The child can be wiser than some of us jaded & bitter with life ~ I like the positive thought of seeing the green tiny plant growing ~

grapeling said...

understand = stand under. maybe we are supposed to stand beside... ~

Claudia said...

i remember when my kids had that age when kids just ask thousand why's a day - part of their discovery trip of the world - i never wanna lose that curiosity - but i also wanna just enjoy some moments without spoiling them by asking question

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