Wednesday, 22 January 2014

missing Paisley...

In the old writing days, we knew her as Paisley aka Jodi Herman
Her poetry and short stories always delivered some form of seething, disturbing, beautiful drama.

 I still remember her one brief stray toward haiku - December 17 2007
as my beauty fades 
i look inside, only to 
find, it isn’t there…

and the poem that seemed to wrap up Jodi as she saw herself...
April 6 2008 - strange old bird
It begins...
every family’s got one 
of that you can be sure,, 
the old,, eccentric, maiden aunt.. 
you don’t know much about her 
except that she’s 
a bit of a strange old bird 
and in my family 
i must admit,, 
i think i’m her

and April 9 2008
and the thought occurs to me, 
that despite the fact 
that i am no longer 
a whore 
a drunk or a crack head 
i am still,, 
very much unsure 
of who i am….

July 8 2009 -  i want to belong

On Quora - 7th May 2012 - she spoke of 2 poems that make her weep.

**Variation on the Word 'Sleep' - Margaret Atwood
The poem closes with...
I would like to be the air 
that inhabits you for a moment 
only. I would like to be that unnoticed 
& that necessary. 

 ** Bluebird - Charles Bukowski
The poem begins with...
there’s a bluebird in my heart that 
wants to get out 
but I’m too tough for him, 
I say, stay in there, I’m not going 
to let anybody see you.


Writing Ravine Facebook group
December 13 2012
sometimes hiding inside the distant skin of a stranger is the only place that feels comfortable.. especially when you feel as if you have nothing left to give.
January 11 2013
i am doing a lot of fiction lately,, mostly collabs,, i love the challenge of following another writers perspective..


as I see Paisley...

I see a child
skipping through Autumn leaves

in her hands
a bit of bling 

sometimes she holds it high
to catch the light
sometimes she holds it close to her heart
and sneaks a glance or two
to see
if anyone 
is watching

it's the bling she wants to protect

she doesn't care that her parents
(if parents are meant to care)
have no idea where she is
they'll survive
she'll survive

it's the bling
it's just about the bling

it's all she has
that's really hers
it's all 
that means 
she can see
a bit of
her soul

Jodi's Facebook group - Two Sentences

January 10 2013 - as melinda fed the last remaining bits of her recently departed husband earl into the pot bellied coal stove he had seen fit to gift her with that very chrustmas,, her heart was filled with merriment,, and her mind with fantasies of the new life that stood before her like a clean slate just waiting to be drawn upon..

HERE - January 2013 - we read of her reason for her long silence on Twitter and Facebook


24th March 2013 I wish I had lived my entire life with the attitude I have right now. 
And it gets better every day. I catch myself smiling a lot over how fortunate I am and have been. 
The only thing that has changed is my attitude.

30th June 2015
Added my poem to Goodreads HERE

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Brian Miller said...

it is always sad to see people just disappear and not to know what happened to them...

i am glad you found where she went...i am sorry for the cancer...cancer has touched several people in my family...and i wish her all the best...

Björn said...

When online persons disappears it's so hard to know what really happened... cancer is so tough..hope for the best..

Brian Miller said...

will keep your hubs in my thoughts as he faces surgery tomorrow...

Todd Alan Kraft said...


steph said...

Very sad. Such a nice tribute you've put together for her.

emmett wheatfall said...

A refreshing write. I love the stanza concept below a main stich. You tell a great story poetically.

rallentanda said...

A very sad tribute honouring an online friendship from a very thoughtful nice person.

Glenn Buttkus said...

incredible explication & lead in poetics; and an incredible tribute; many of we Boomers are facing health issues, for loved ones, and for ourselves; when my grandfather was dying (he was a painter, great Western artist), I told him to paint his pain; and he did--some of his best work emerged.

Ginny Brannan said...

What a fascinating person, her writing so brutally honest. She had a unique perspective on life, and an interesting view of herself. I would have liked to have known her. Cancer sucks, that's for sure, took my mom in '63, took my sister-in-law this past October and others I've known along the way. Wishing you peace, and fond memories to hold in your heart.

R.B. said...

Great poem! I did not know her but am googling...

Heaven said...

This is full of sadness & I wish you & her peace & light ~ Hoping for the best ~

Brian Miller said...

how did it go today with hubs?

ayala said...

Sad, I wish her well. Best wishes.

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