Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Myth...My Dreaming

One of several figures created by William Ricketts.
(William Ricketts also has a spiritual sanctuary in the Dandenongs, north east of Melbourne.)
They appear embedded in a wall at Seawinds - beautiful parkland gardens atop Arthurs Seat mountain on the Mornington Peninsula overlooking Port Phillip Bay.

who am I?

I am the eyes of the land
as it was
and should be

my Dreaming was 
the bushland and desert sands
I was just a pilgrim

in my Dreaming
I found my running water
my earth place 
my star place 
my place to touch old wisdoms
my Mother's gifts to my thirsty soul

in my Dreaming
I created my rhythms
I created my songlines

in my Dreaming
my kookaburra found me
he gave me the healing of laughter
the healing of energies
he became my sign of intimate hope

he became
we became 
my spirit
my knowing
my understanding
my music

in my Dreaming
I create my rhythms
I create my songlines

and now
my Dreaming is your Dreaming

I am your eyes of the land
as it was
and should be

the bushland and desert sands are our timeless visions

we are just pilgrims

Meaning of the Dreaming to Aboriginal people
Meaning of the kookaburra as a guide

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Brian Miller said...

ah gemma this is delightful...enjoy the spiritual aspects of my dreaming i create...lyrics, songlines...we are just pilgrims that is for sure...smiles.

Grace said...

Love the message of intertwining our spirits with the land ~ Indeed we are just pilgrims ~ Happy Easter to you ~

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully spiritual, and I appreciated your links (helped me check my interpretation).

Anonymous said...

in our dreams, we are as it should be

Cinderella Limerick

Susan Daniels said...

Gemma--love the rhythms and images in this, the beautiful language. So good.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool to read as someone not from that part of the world. Really enjoyed. k.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is magnificent and speaks to me in a very deep way. I love "in my Dreaming" and, especially "we are just pilgrims". Fantastic writing, Gemma!

Gretchen Leary said...

This is awesome and I love the ending. A very powerful statement in that final line.

Claudia said...

this has a very dreamy and relaxed feel....we're just pilgrims..true that and loved the creating of rhythms and songlines and how they melt and become part of something bigger

Kelvin S.M. said...

...i love the spritual connection & elemental call in this... your poem occupied a space in my heart... enjoyed your fascinating write... thanks... happy easter...smiles...

Anonymous said...

A very Australian Aboriginal take, Gemma. Thanks for taking me to a culture and country I know little about and opening my eyes to something of its richness and wonder.

Mama Zen said...

This is beautiful!

Tigerbrite said...

You capture the essence of spiritual sanctuary.

Panchali said...

A poignant song. As they say, Indian genes got mixed with that of Australian aboriginals more than 4,000 years ago ...very evry enjoyable read indeed :)

C.C. said...

Like the mythology feel to this one.....and that 'my Dreaming is your Dreaming' can have so many meanings in so many different contexts.

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